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Business expansion to Asia-Pacific

be-on-Quality ASIA-Pacific Area Office

Supporting in uncomplicated and direct manner, we expand our consultant capabilities to the ASIA-Pacific Area

It is our pleasure to announce the new business location in Singapore, which will be led by our Regional Principal, Raje Devanathan.

Raje has more than 10 years expertise with market support and medical device regulatory affairs. She did excellent work in the international projects within the German headquarter and will now lead the office in Singapore.   

Raje and the complete be-on-Quality Family are looking forward to providing you with fast, high-quality support for all your Quality and Regulatory needs in Asia-Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand.

Finalizing 2019

#2019 comes to the end – Thank you all! Be surprised, what we will announce directly at the start of #2020

Today we want to say „Thank you“ to all our partners, clients, families and sum up the year in the last steps approaching #2020.

In 2019 we all had our own goals with #MDR coming in around 150 days, the new #DVG and #MDG and also plenty of other topics, which turns the regulatory world.  By that, we helped many comapnies getting towards MDR compliance, had uncountable audit days and much fun with our participation in fairs, speeches in conferences and very important, our internal team events. We all enjoyed the work within the team and with all our clients and are humbel for the next year! 

Our last achievement was again the ghp Award for the same category as last year! Thank you all for your votes and we will keep that spriit also in 2020!!