TPI Next(R) for medical

TPI Next® – Test Process Improvement Next: The assessment model developed by Sogeti™ is a solution for the detection and assessment of improvements within the testing process. This is in contrast to some other assessment models not only related to increase the quality and thoroughness of testing, but also the value of the testing process for the company. As a generic approach , the model is designed for application in various industries and technology fields and has to be aligned and adjusted and for sector-specific requirements. In medical technology , these modifications are often linked to regulatory requirements and identify themself as base / best practice.

Since the model is compact and consistent, it was recommeded to create a guideline to the existing model and the transition, instead of the fit the model and in the underlying methods using the industry- typical artifacts and content.

From the Guideline , the TPI ® Next model is specialized to the specific issues of medical technology and it is clarified how those implemented during the assessment and the value can be optimized.